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let them smile again

Stewardship Sunday at the Redemption Episcopal Church - November 11, 2012

Christmas gifts were sent to the Children of Liberia by the Redemption Episcopal Church, Southampton, PA on February 22, 2012. The gifts were distributed in March of 2012.

Click ACL News Letter to read more on the March distribution, Flyer, current program activities and future Activities plan.

The plan for the Children Multi-complex facility is being designed. The plan map will be uploaded upon completion.







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Children Christmas Gifts Distribution 2011

Program Focus

To promote child development and provide an opportunity for children to have access to education and a caring environment where their confidence, sense of belonging, self esteem and hope for the future can be restored; transform their shattered moral foundation into positive force; to promote child protection and rights; sustainable peace, reconciliation and economic empowerment.

Let Them Smile Again

A humanitarian initiative organized to distribute clothes, food, toys,
books, and medicine among war affected and vulnerable children in
Liberia. The program is designed to bring relief to young boys and girls  who are most affected by 14 years of civil conflict and are susceptible  to exploitation and abuse; who do not have  means of acquiring education; languishing in local communities without clothes and food. The program aims to bring smile to the faces of children and restore hope in them.

After School Civic Engagement

This program is designed for community children behavior change, and to enhance their civic intellectual skills for  constructive participation and effective decision making and leadership.

Long Term Programs: Child Development Center(Safe Home) and Community Agriculture

An initiative to establish a multi complex facility where children can have the opportunity to acquire education and other life skills for economic empowerment and sustainability.

ACL Launched an agriculture initiative in 2009. ACL hopes to provide agricultural education and eventually provide subsidy support for the center.

Keynote Speaker, Vice President of Liberia, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, middle, L&R are ACL Executives, John Fello and M. Yassah Morris-Fello, at the Trade and Investment forum for Liberia, held at Drexel University, Philadelphia, United States.